Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered: everything you need to know so you can use Evalue8 like a pro.

How do I sign Up?

Sign up for Evalue8 by choosing a plan that suits your business needs. Purchase or renew an Evalue8 subscription using Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards or pay via direct debit.

Which Evalue8 subscription plan is right for me?

We have pricing plans to suit every business. There are no setup fees or hidden costs. We provide full details of our pricing plans.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

Evalue8 is offered on a yearly basis of subscription service. Once you sign up, you are committing to at least one year subscription fee.

What system requirements do I need to meet to install Evalue8?

Evalue8 is a cloud-based platform with a subscription model that enables your organisation to track emissions across multiple teams and locations. Evalue8 is compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Do I have to be an accountant to use Evalue8?

No. Evalue8 is used by a variety of teams and businesses of all sizes. The software is easy to use and can be operated without any specific technical knowledge.

Do I have to work with a carbon consultant to get my emissions reports?

No, you don’t need a carbon consultant to generate your carbon emissions reports; however we recommend seeking guidance from one of our experts to for your annual carbon assessment so they can help you analyse and verify your results.

What will my greenhouse gas emissions report look like?

Your annual Evalue8 report will provide details of your GHG emissions in terms of tonnes of carbon dioxide emitted, based on the specific activities of your organisation for scope 1, ,2 and 3 emissions including year on year changes to track progress. See sample report here.

Is free support included?

Yes. Evalue8 gives you free, unlimited support during Australian business hours. When you're looking for answers, start by searching in FAQs. Then, if you still have questions, use the chat messenger at the bottom of our website pages.

How do I import data into Evalue8?

• Automatically import your data from Xero transactions into Evalue8

• Manually import spend data with a CSV template

Can I add multiples office locations/facilities and/or companies to Evalue8?

Yes. You can add multiple sites and organisations in your Evalue8 account.

How do I add and manage users on Evalue8?

Once you've set up your business in Evalue8, it's easy to invite other users and set permissions. In the ‘Team’ menu tab, type the email address of the user(s) you want to invite, and they’ll get a link to register their account.

How accurate are emissions measurements?

We follow the full GHG Corporate Standard guidance. Evalue8 is designed to be used as a self-assessment tool to provide a calculation of the number of tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions of your organisation on a yearly basis.

When used in conjunction with higher quality data, either entered directly or imported from accounting software, the estimates produced will conform with the international and Australian standards as at the dates stated and will closely approximate those that could be obtained from a carbon accounting audit.

How much of the measuring process can I automate?

Once you connect your Xero via a read-only API or upload a CSV template and the system will calculate your emissions automatically.

Which certifying organisations do you work with?

Where are your offsetting projects based?

We work with a large network of partners offering verified offsetting projects around the world.

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